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Professor Zhou Guiyao by the Guangzhou Development Zone, leading scientists

Industry News
2018/04/24 14:21
In January this year, our Professor Zhou Guiyao awarded "Guangzhou Development Zone, leading scientists" title.

In January this year, our Professor Zhou Guiyao awarded "Guangzhou Development Zone, leading scientists" title.

It is reported that Guangzhou Municipal Committee, secretary of the Party committee of Guangzhou Development Zone Management Committee Director, Party Secretary Luo Gang Xue Xiaofeng said that talent is decided GDD can "open" long "on" how far strategic resource, Guangzhou Development District will accelerate Zhaocaiyinzhi and investment two drives, only to enrichment, complement each other, focus on building the core personnel system, creating a "shiny spire, tower strong, solid base," the "talent pyramid "occupied the commanding heights of technological innovation and industrial development;" talent SAR "as an opportunity to support the integration and optimization of regional science and technology policy, especially play money, technology development funds, the role of a good guarantee venture capital funds, to create the talent introduction the "policy of depression" talent development "entrepreneurial treasure."

In order to recruit a wide range of high-tech leading talent, Guangzhou Development Zone in September 2008 within the scope of the province to the promulgation and implementation of the "Guangzhou Development Zone to attract leading scientists to implement measures" proposed from 2009 onwards, each year will introduce at least 10 of leading scientists, after three to five years, to build a 100 people or so, with the domestic and international advanced level of science and technology leader in personnel, and promote the formation of a number of innovative R & D team, the introduction of a number of outstanding projects in the field of high-end, Guangzhou Development Zone to build a unique brand of high-end talent to work.

It also learned that the Guangzhou Development Zone has already been approved by the Central Organization for overseas high-level talents innovation base, a "SAR personnel", the recent research on the area will be a specific embodiment, Pearl River Delta and Guangdong Province to build high-level overseas talents Innovation entrepreneurship "depression."